Our Services

Virus Removal

We will clean and remove all virus's and virus-related programs and make sure the PC or Laptop connects to internet and has no POP UPS or unwanted ADVERTS.


£55.00 inc VAT


General Repairs​

If your PC or Laptop is not booting up running slow or just not behaving itself or just needs a Health Check. We will check it over and give it a Clean Up including making sure all the Service.

Packs are installed and the latest updates are installed.


£55.00 in VAT


Broken Laptop Screens

If your laptop screen has a crack or fails to come and just stays blank, we can check and replace it. You can either pop it into the shop or email us the exact make and model info@wickedcomputers.co.uk


Prices start from £79.00 inc VAT depending on model.


Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If your laptop keyboard has stopped working, we can replace the whole keyboard to get it back to life.
Prices start from £39.00.
Data Retrieval & Backup
If your PC, Laptop, External Hard Drive has stopped working we can normally retrieve the Data and transfer it to an External Hard Drive or a USB Flash Drive depending on the amount of Data there is. The Data we can get off is normally Documents, Pictures, Music, Downloads, Videos.
Prices start from £35.00 plus the Price of the storage device if required.


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